Notarial services

Notarisation involves the certification or validation of documents for use overseas. This could involve confirming your identity, witnessing you sign a legal document or even confirming that the document produced is genuine.

Do you need notarial support?

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Notary public, Liverpool and Wirral

When dealing with matters abroad, such as purchasing a house, getting married, moving to a new job or setting up a company, you may need to get your documents notarised. This is where I can assist you.

Documents may need to be verified, completed in a certain way or declarations made. These are typically completed before a notary, and our signatures and seals are attached to the documents.

How do we get the documents notarised?

I would be delighted to assist you with preparing and verifying your documents for overseas use. Please contact me and we can discuss your documents and query, I can then provide you with a quote and confirmation of how we are going to progress your matter.

If you wish to proceed, we can arrange a meeting at a suitable time for both of us. I will follow this up with a confirmation email.

Why might a notary be needed?

  • To facilitate the completion of powers of attorney
  • Dealing with documents relating to the purchase or sale of land and property abroad
  • Proving a company's status, certificates of good standing and who the directors are
  • To confirm identification and/or take declarations prior to an overseas wedding
  • Confirming a person's identity or proof of life
  • Confirming the authenticity of education certificates
  • Validating documentation allowing a child to travel with one parent
  • Oaths, affidavits and affirmations
  • ID1, ID2 or ID5 forms for HM Land Registry in the UK


Unsure whether you need our notarial service? Based in Liverpool or the Wirral and looking for more information? Here's some of our most frequently asked questions.

Notaries are the third branch of the legal profession. This branch is often unheard of as there are a lot more lawyers and barristers. In order to be a notary you have to have a law degree or be a qualified solicitor or a barrister and pass the notarial practice course. The profession is regulated by The Faculty Office.
A lot! A notary public like me can take oaths and affirmations, prepare some documents and assist with the completion of others amongst many other things.
You'll need to bring all of your original identity documents (photocopies, scans or photographs etc. can't be accepted), original proof of address documentation, the original documents you wish to be notarised and the agreed fee.
Actually, no. Certain countries (Canada, Australia, New Zealand and other Commonwealth countries, the USA etc.) don't usually require documents to be notarised. If you're unsure as to whether a particular country requires documentation to be notarised, please get in touch.
Examples include a valid passport or a current UK driving licence.
Examples include a current UK driving licence, a recent bank statement or a utility bill.
This depends on the documents you have and how many. If you can send them to me by email or we can discuss them, I would be delighted to provide an accurate quote. My fees are based on an hourly rate of £180, with a minimum fee of £90.
Based in New Brighton, I provide notarial services to a range of private and corporate clients across Merseyside and the Wirral.
The law dictates that this costs £5 per document (a statutory declaration for use in England and Wales) and £2 per exhibit. You will normally have been provided with this document - my job is to sign (but not seal) this for you. If you need me to provide or draft the document or if it's for use outside of England and Wales, then my standard fees above will apply. We will discuss and confirm what these are before we agree to proceed.

A few words from my clients

Elaine was my Notary of choice back in August 2020. Her welcoming yet professional demeanour was exemplary. My documents were presented beautifully and arrived in plenty of time before I moved to Kuwait. Knowing how fantastic a job she had done, I contacted Elaine this summer to ask if she could offer her reliable services again. Through regular communication, Elaine has once more made my pre-arrival process back to Kuwait a seamless one. What a woman!

Ashleigh O'Grady

When you have need for the services of a Notary, it's usually for an important reason. Over the years, Elaine has been of great assistance in my many requests. Her professionalism and response is second to none, whilst her transparecy in undertalking her duties provides a reassuring level of comfort. The end result is an accurate and reliable service, which is flawless in every regard. Thank you very much for all which you do.

Cars tt Channel

Would definitely recommend Elaine to anybody, she was efficient, professional and very friendly.

Jenni Lloyd

Why choose me?

A specialist notary public, I provide notarial services to organisations and individuals throughout the North West. But why choose me over another notary?

Every client is different and so are their requirements. Whilst rules and regulations demand that our work is done in a certain way, however, we're committed to providing to meeting our clients' needs, providing the most flexible service possible. Perhaps you want somebody to handle the entire process for you? You may need an evening or weekend appointment or even an office visit? No matter what your requirements, I'm here to support you.
I haven't always wanted to be a notary public. My journey throughout the legal sector and beyond has given me a breadth of experience working many notaries can only dream of, having worked within a variety of sectors and for a truly diverse range of people. I use this experience to deliver excellent communications, accurate documents whilst offering a personal, efficient customer service.
Appointments would usually take place in my office (also my home address) but, if this is unsuitable for you, I'm more than happy to visit you at your own home or workplace.
Most of my clients initially have no idea what a notary is, or what we do. I'm always happy to explain the ins and outs of the notarisation process and the process of completing the documents that you bring to me. If you need to bring your children, dogs or anyone else to your appointment that's absolutely fine.
Depending upon the document and the country involved there's a chance you may need to have your documents legalised, which I can arrange for you for a small fee. All disbursements are charged at cost on top of this. I will break all of the options down by time and cost so that you have full visibility of the entire process.