Will BREXIT impact my move to the EU?

Have you got a wonderful new job in the EU? Looking for pastures new? Perhaps you're opening a new branch or incorporating your new business? Are you worried that BREXIT may be an issue?

There are lots of reasons why moving to the EU – either physically or corporately - is a must for you. Brexit seems to be old news now, but we are still feeling its effects. One major impact is that we are no longer EU citizens so our applications for visas are dealt with differently. This often means more paperwork.

As with any other process, every country has their own requirements, and in turn they will vary depending on whether you need a visa for physical presence or to complete applications for a corporate one. We have seen many extra procedures put in place for us now that we are no longer European. There is no one size fits all solution, and each application will be assessed on their own merits. I cannot help with the visa application itself, but I should be able to with the documents that you have been asked for. The easiest thing to do is contact me with a list of what they have asked you for, and I will let you know whether or not I can assist, the cost, procedure and estimated time.

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