Do I need to have my child’s travel consent notarised?

This is a subjective question, and one that unfortunately, I can’t give a straightforward answer to. A lot depends on the destination country, and what they expect to see as well as border control.

A travel consent is issued by the parent(s) or carers of a minor travelling with either one parent or neither. They are allowed to travel with a person over the age of 18 or sometimes under the care of an airline for example. If consent is needed, it will always be in writing. I have never been asked to complete a digital or electronic version, and I don’t foresee that happening any time soon, due to the nature of the document. Some will take a signed document and birth certificates, while others want them notarised. Some countries also require an apostille.

Facebook pages often have posts asking this question as it is often hard to find a definitive answer from official sources. People often offer advice with good intentions, or state what they have done, but it sometimes wrong. Please, always check official sources for what you need. It is a good idea to always check with the official guidance on, the destination government pages and any material that your travel agent or holiday company have given you.

Many people will have multiple destinations such as cruises or driving through countries. Each border would need to be checked in this case.

Where applicable both parents need to consent to allow the child to travel, even if the form requires only one. This is especially so if that child is travelling with someone else, say for an example a grandparent. In order to complete the document (either a preprepared document from the cruise company for example or one that you need me to draft), the parents need to be identified and provide the original birth certificate. The only time I would accept one parents consent is if the other can’t. This would need to be evidenced with either a death certificate, court order, or by showing only one name on the child’s birth certificate.

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