Why choose an independent notary public over a large law firm?

Independent notary public or more conventional law firm. Both can technically offer a similar service but which one is right for you?

I am an independent notary. The aim of this article is to show you why I think there are benefits over choosing independent notaries public (yes that is the correct pluralisation!) like us over a large law firm. I have listed several reasons below, and you may find that there are more – suggestions are always welcome!

  1. Personal service - I always like to offer a personal service to my client. You won’t be leaving a message with a secretary nor receive a holding email from them. At all times you will be in direct contact with me. I feel that this speeds things up for you and will answer your questions a lot faster than if being relayed through staff. It also means that you get the correct information faster, as well as booking an appointment quicker too. I am always going to work with you to get the documents correct first time. So there maybe questions to be asked before the meeting, either of yourselves or of your legal representation overseas.
  2. Flexibility - I have young children, no secret there, especially if you call during half term! It does mean that I understand 9-5 doesn’t always work. I offer some evening appointments where you need them. I also understand that you may not be able to make the appointment we have booked. This is fine, just let me know if you can’t make it and we can reschedule for when you can. I work from home, and I have a dedicated room for your meeting, but it does mean that appointments can be slotted in an emergency and parking outside is free!
  3. Child friendly - Following on from above, I know it’s not always possible to get a babysitter. Bring your kids with you. There are plenty of toys to keep them entertained or the wi-fi password for the older kids.
  4. Honesty - To be fair this should apply to large law firms too, but if I think you can get a more appropriate service elsewhere, I will tell you.
  5. Supporting local businesses - I work for myself, and your business means that funds are coming back into our community rather than to a national firm. I like to pass this on and where possible, I will engage with local businesses too.
  6. No VAT - As a small business, I am not registered for VAT and, as such I don't have to pass that additional cost onto my clients. This means that my fees could potentially be lower than larger firms, as they are usually above the VAT threshold.

Whilst most of my clients come from - or have a link to - the Wirral, Merseyside and Liverpool areas, I do actually support all manner of clients from further afield.

If you need the services of a first-class notary public, please get in touch for a no-obligation conversation.